Form and Refine

At Form & Refine you can find stools, chairs, tables, shelves, rugs and accessories (candle holders, cutting boards, decanters…). All this in a very clean, elegant style that blends in with any decoration.

Form & Refine, a Danish brand created by enthusiasts with remarkable values

Form & Refine was founded in 2018 by Helle Herman Mortensen, Jonas Herman Pedersen and Lasse Lund Lauridsen. They then have a common desire: to create a brand focused on the preservation of nature and artisanal cultures. They are committed to choosing local materials near their workshops in order to minimize their carbon footprint during production. For example, their wood comes from the Damsbo forest which is located on the island of Funen in Denmark. This Danish wood source allows them to produce furniture locally and with the help of skilled craftsmen. The clay they use comes from the Alcobaça region in Portugal and is transformed into ceramic using ancient techniques.

They are also committed to preserving craftsmanship, which is why they work in collaboration with small workshops, trying to favor fair and respectful partnerships. They support, for example, a cooperation of alpacas in the highlands of Bolivia through the ancient art of weaving.

The materials they use for the production of their Nordic style furniture are their great passion. They are committed to finding the finest and purest materials in order to guarantee you sustainable products, which is reflected directly in their finished products.

They see design as little stories to be told about great materials and about artisanal and local traditions.

They pride themselves on building on the tradition of Nordic design, which is why every Form & Refine item contains a story about its material, design, workmanship ... The design is clear, modest and elegant, honoring and supporting thus the materials in order to better find themselves in each of the elements of this Danish brand.

Nordic and sustainable design

Another aspect remains important in the eyes of the creators of the brand. Form & Refine elements, in addition to being an elegant Nordic design, they must be functional. It is also for them the basis of a sustainable design that will gain in elegance and refinement over time.

At Form & Refine, they form and refine healthy and sustainable materials by creating elements with care and craftsmanship that stand up to both use and the test of time. Their creations are modest but recognizable by their details and their light tones.

The design honors and supports the materials and techniques used. This expression is many times respected and loved as they mainly use pure materials which can retain their original visual details and shapes.

Elements with a simple design but unique and functional

At Form & Refine you can find stools, chairs, tables, shelves, rugs and accessories (candle holders, cutting boards, decanters…).

All this in a very clean, elegant style that blends in with any decoration.

Its Nordic and simplistic style will suit as well in a modern atmosphere to add a touch of raw wood. In a more traditional decoration, its raw style will blend perfectly with your other elements. Even if all their furniture seems quite simple, they actually represent a real feat in their manufacture and are often carved and finished by hand in order to offer you the best possible comfort.

Must-haves reimagined by the creators of Form & Refine

Their main collection is designed by Studio Herman. They lead the general design department, continually exploring the aesthetics and details of their furniture so that they can always offer you new improvements, this brand has potential, they want to exploit it well!

The tables will be perfect for beautiful moments of conviviality with friends or family.

The wooden stools, essential but unique, will suit both individuals and professionals, they will bring a very noble and elegant touch around your tables or your bars.

In a completely different register, they brought the wooden bench up to date, adding a new functionality. It is very practical and ergonomic, in fact, it has a large storage space and is practical in all the rooms of the house.

But all this only represents an exhaustive list of what the Danish brand Form & Refine offers, so don't hesitate any longer and come and discover our Form & Refine selection.

These different Nordic style elements are very elegant and durable, this Danish brand has everything to seduce you.

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