Trimm Copenhagen

Founded in 2010 by designer Rikke Gjørlund, Trimm Copenhagen is a Danish design company with a mission to promote quality of life and strengthen relationships between people. Through its living room furniture, the brand aims to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere within indoor and outdoor spaces.

High quality designer living room furniture

Trimm Copenhagen encourages you to decorate your living space in the most functional and comfortable way possible. To do this, the Danish brand offers high-end living room furniture whose shapes and materials are ergonomic. Indeed, Trimm Copenhagen products are comfortable, functional and versatile. Handles, fabric treatment and removable seats are all elements designed to make your life easier.

You will find beautiful poufs, meridian chairs, armchairs, sofas, footrests and accessories perfect for creating the cozy space you need, indoors or outdoors. In addition to their great functionality, the design of these products is well thought out.

Trimm Copenhagen furniture has elegant, minimalist lines and often natural colors. You can find many models, declined in several finishes of fabric. Among these finishes, the recycled fabric Noah, designed from recycled plastic and the fabric Teddy made from organic cotton. The latter is a concentrate of softness and will bring texture to your interior. By combining luxurious minimalism and great functionality the brand is fully anchored in the Scandinavian style of decoration, always trendy and appreciated.

A brand that thinks sustainable

Improving the sustainability of its value chain is something the company works hard on. It analyzes and modifies every facet of its business with this in mind. In terms of design, it focuses on timeless products that will never tire. The aesthetics of the products are designed to shine in your homes for decades.

It also acts on the design level, choosing quality materials and incorporating recycled materials. One example is the Noah recycled fabric, used on an entire line of indoor furniture and made from waste plastic. Collaborating with European manufacturers is also a way for the brand to include more sustainability in its business. It reduces the amount of transportation required and strengthens the relationship between manufacturer and retailer.

The outdoor living room: a challenge for Trimm Copenhagen

Reinventing outdoor spaces is part of the Scandinavian brand's vision. The outdoor furniture offered by the brand allows the creation of a warm and relaxed space.

By paying attention to the weight of its products and their ergonomics, it allows everyone to move their garden furniture as they please. Find for example the Brick modules of the brand, allowing the creation of very adaptable and modern modular sofas. With the Full Moon and Tiny Moon poufs, it offers comfortable seats that can be used as coffee tables.

In summary, the brand's outdoor furniture offering allows you to personalize your outdoor space with style and harmony. This garden furniture will be ideal for indoor-outdoor enthusiasts, or how to bring the conviviality of the inside, outside. Discover now all the Trimm Copenhagen collections on Moodntone.

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