Tinja is a unique concept of interior design aspiring to transmit a contemporary reinterpretation of Tunisian artisanal traditions, rich in the multiple cultural influences transmitted through the ages. Through collaboration with Tunisian artisans, Tinja has designed seven product lines. Each of them, using a specific material or technique, reflects a new perspective on traditional heritage.
The Tinja project was born out of the conviction of a strong need to rediscover artisan traditions. From this rediscovery stems inexorably an attitude attentive to nature, to the richness of the material, to the beauty of its imperfections, to respect for manual work, to the time it takes to forge the material and to its reaction. this to the human hand which tries to tame it. Tinja then left to explore the regions of Tunisia, their riches, to meet these men and women who perpetuate traditions. Because Tinja is, above all, a human adventure where the enthusiastic exchange materializes in the objects of the collection.

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