Chabi Chic

Brand born in Marrakech, born from the imagination and passion of two Parisian friends, Vanessa Di Mino and Nadia Noël, Chabi Chic is a brand offering creations that revolutionize the art of living. Inspired by Moroccan tradition, and the unique know-how of the country's artisans, the brand amazes with products that are as original as they are current. Today known internationally, the brand continues to develop and export, to make the whole world discover all the beauty and the secrets of the know-how of Moroccan craftsmen.

The story of Chabi Chic

More than ten years ago, Vanessa Di Mino and Nadia Noël settled in Marrakech, for their respective projects. Both originally from Paris, these friends created Chabi Chic in 2013.
Brilliantly combining the universes of Vanessa and Nadia, the Chabi Chic brand was born from the desire to found an authentic, chic and trendy label, just like those who imagined it. One architect and artistic director, the other international commercial, Vanessa Di Mino and Nadia Noël put all their hearts into the development of the brand and its collections internationally.

The first collection signed Chabi Chic is a line of tableware. This one, decorated with striped patterns or typical of the Moroccan tradition, are handcrafted by Moroccan craftsmen. It is thanks to this that Chabi Chic conquers the kitchen, before tackling the rest of the house, which she illuminates with her Moroccan-inspired creations. Moroccan craftsmanship is also the main source of inspiration for the Chabi Chic brand, which thanks to it imagines authentic and chic collections that are revolutionizing the art of living. Thus, from furniture to kitchen accessories, Chabi Chic asserts itself and offers creations full of style, and above all ethical!

Chabi Chic, an international brand combining tradition and modernity

Combining all the specificities of Moroccan craftsmanship with modern and current designs, Chabi Chic has succeeded in making a place for itself on the international market, by offering unique products of their kind that illuminate everyday life and seduce people throughout the world. world. Vanessa and Nadia thus manage to promote everywhere the Made in Morocco, the culture of the country and the beauty of the know-how. Chabi Chic also places quality above quantity, thus offering creations that are as responsible as they are sustainable. The brand makes it a point of honor to improve as much as possible the working conditions of artisans, and to give their work a formal dimension and well-deserved international visibility. Chabi Chic also has many shops: 4 are located in Marrakech, and more than 200 others in the rest of the world.

Promote Moroccan know-how, craftsmanship and design throughout the world

By emphasizing the hand-made and artisanal work, Chabi Chic is committed to an alternative mode of production and consumption, more respectful of the environment and people. By limiting its production to a reasonable rate, the brand offers collections of a certain quality, whose oriental touches are sure to seduce! Each creation is steeped in history, thanks to the secrets of its design and the technique of the craftsman who gave it life. The objects therefore each have a little something magical, which gives them this unique character and strong personality. Shapes in the colors of the paint - lead free! - used, everything is good to make you dream and travel.

A dynamic brand, Chabi Chic makes every effort to offer trendy creations with a strong identity, which make it an original label with character. Its values are reflected in all its collections, and make it a human brand that really makes the difference.

Twice a year, Chabi Chic travels around the world, to present its creations beyond borders. From New York (for New York NOW) to Paris (for Maison & Objet), the brand is present at trade shows, to promote Moroccan know-how, and a chic and authentic lifestyle.

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