Q de bouteilles

What is a bottle of wine, if not the privileged memory of a moment of sharing, celebration, friendship, debate, love? The objective of Q de Bouteille is to give a second life to the bottles shared during your watered evenings by transforming them into glasses, vases, candles and egg cups.

An idea that has a bottle

At the turn of a student party in 2016, Gauthier Decarne and Emeric Cruchant Fleuriau respectively business school and theater school students, had a brilliant idea that later fueled the Q concept of bottles. A simple and innovative idea: to give a second life to shared bottles during your watered evenings. They therefore put themselves in their heads to find a solution to recycle the empty bottles, collected during their evenings with friends. It is in Parisian cuisine that the Q of bottles adventure begins.

A brand in search of renewal

They then begin to cut their first prototypes with the means at hand to create glasses. The first bottles are cut using a string, methylated spirits and ice water to create a thermal shock: the technique is laborious but the promising idea meets with great success with their close friends. Q's rise of bottles does not stop there: the circle then extends to friends of friends. The brand knows such a triumph that they begin to collect more than 1000 bottles per week to meet the strong demand. The success of these glasses is such that quickly empty bottles during their own evenings are no longer enough. They therefore decided to establish partnerships with restaurateurs in Le Touquet in order to collect as many empty bottles as possible. It was with 1,500 glasses under their arms that they began their ascent to the west in search of potential distributors. It is with 2000 km in the legs, going from Touquet to Biarritz, two weeks later, and all their glasses sold in concept stores that Q de Bouteilles was born.

Today, around ten craftsmen use their know-how to shape these industrial-style glasses, vases and candles by following a creation process in six stages: collecting the bottles, disinfecting them, cutting them, chamfer, polish and then adorn them with the brand's emblem.

“Laugh, seduce, dance, debate”, discover the different collections of Q glass bottles ranging from basic water glasses to long drinks for your cocktails and the different sizes and colors of vases to brighten up your beautiful floral arrangements. The shades of the glasses and vases vary from bottle to bottle, offering a palette of subtle gradations, from perfect transparency to elegant combinations of greens and yellows.

Let yourself be tempted by this brand of ethical decoration and eco-responsible design to enhance your table. All of the brand's pieces are unique, as are the bottles of wine that are used in their 100% French manufacture.

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